Wine tasting tour in Temecula | As one of the few locations in the nation where you can both surf and ski in the same day, it shouldn’t be a surprise that southern California has a little something for everyone — including wine lovers. Temecula, a city located only 22 miles away from San Diego’s jewel-like beaches, has become one of the largest wine-producing regions by volume in California, even though only 1,300 acres of its 33,000-acre valley is planed with wine grapes. But don’t let its small size fool you. More than 70 growers call this valley home and have produced award-winning varietals of syrah, zinfandel, and tempranillo, among others. So pack your bags, grab your sunscreen, and check out our picks for the top ten best ways to soak up the summer in sunny Temecula.

Wine Tasting in Temecula Valley

Wine Tasting And Winery Tour In Temecula Valley

Southern California has many incredible vineyards and wineries. On your next trip to Coronado, go wine tasting in Temecula Valley, take a tour, experience dining, and more! The Temecula Valley region is known for its high-quality vineyards and wines, and its positive reputation is only growing! There are many ways you can go wine tasting in Temecula Valley, but however you choose, you’ll be able to experience Southern California’s excellent vineyards.

About Temecula Valley Wine

Temecula Valley was voted one of the 10 best wine travel destinations of 2019 by Wine Enthusiast. We agree! There are many great opportunities for wine tasting in Temecula Valley, and you can taste many of the incredible local wines.

The Temecula Valley Winegrowers Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the growing and making of high-quality grapes and wines in the Temecula Valley region. The wineries here produce over 50 different varietals of wine and have produced hundreds of award-winning wines.

When you go wine tasting in Temecula Valley, you’ll be able to enjoy the local wines and friendly tasting rooms. Most of the wineries are open from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm daily. The agriculture preserve combined with sustainable farming practices is part of what makes this region’s wines so unique. Find out more about the Temecula Valley wines during a wine tour!

Wine Tours

There are a few different wine tours you can take. These tours will enhance your wine tasting experience and give you a deeper appreciation of Southern California’s wine country. Wine tasting in Temecula Valley is a fun experience on its own, and the tours can make it even better!

Grapeline Wine Tours, Temecula

Grapeline has been one of Temecula’s top-rated activity for over a decade! These tours give you the option of a shared tour with other wine lovers, or a private tour for only your party. The private tours can accommodate groups of as little as 2 or as large as 200.

These tours will pick you up from Old Town Temecula, local hotels, San Diego, and more. They allow you to customize your itinerary for private tours. For shared tours, you’ll be paired with a group of people who have similar wine interests as you. Read more here.

Temecula is a charming city in Southern California and It’s known for the surrounding Temecula Valley Wine Country. It’s a great place to have an affordable, relaxing weekend while drinking fine wine. Before going to Temecula for the weekend, spent more time researching the different wine tour companies in Temecula, and Grapeline Wine Tours came highly recommended online and by our friends who have gone wine tasting in Temecula. Though there are a lot of wineries to visit in Temecula and here are some of them.

When people think of California wine regions, the rows of vineyards that most often come to mind are likely that of the Napa Valley Region. But let’s not discount Napa’s little sister in sunny Southern California, Temecula Valley which has more than two dozen wineries and over 3500 acres of producing vineyards. The region has been growing wine grapes since the late 1700s and is continuously expanding with new wineries opening their doors and popping their corks.

There are several wineries who have been in the region for many years, such as Callaway Vineyard and Winery, but the new kids on the block are out to make a name for themselves. From family wineries to giant estates, the vineyards along Rancho California Road in Temecula Valley are worth a trip during a visit to sunny Southern California. Here are some of the ones that I think are the best in the area!

Falkner Winery

40620 Calle Contento, Temecula | (951) 676-8231 | open daily 10am-5pm
The Scene: The award-winning winery has a variety of red and white wines served in a rustic tasting room.
The Wine: Chardonnay, Riesling, and Merlot.
The Taste: $10 for 4 tastes, $15 for 7 tastes plus souvenir glass plus $5 certificate for wine purchase that day $15.
The Food: Winemaker’s pasta from the vegan menu at The Pinnacle Restaurant with panoramic views of the vineyard.

Wilson Creek Winery & Vineyard

35960 Rancho California Road, Temecula | (951) 699-9463 | open daily 10am-5pm
The Scene: 70 acres of picturesque vineyards at this winery famous for its Almond Champagne.  If you’ve had too much bubbly, you can always stay at the winery’s neighboring B&B Wilson Creek Manor.
The Wine: Almond Champagne.
The Taste: $15 for 5 tastes weekdays; weekends you can choose between a tour and tasting or 5 tastes with a wine specialist for $20.
The Food: Pasta of the day at the winery’s Creekside Grille. Read the full article here.

Planning to do some wine tasting in Temecula Valley during your visit? Check out this guide to learn when to visit, which wineries to see, and the best forms of transportation for Temecula wine tasting! Wine tastings can be confusing or intimidating. Moreso, if you’re not in wine country itself, you may be wondering where the heck to go for a wine tasting anyway!

Five Pro Tips for Going on a Wine Tasting Tour

The first time you go wine tasting, you won’t be very good at it. Yes, there’s skill involved. Like a wine tasting pro, I’m sharing some of my best tips so you can aspire to be as good at it as I am. Someday.

Don’t wear fragrance. Strong perfumes, colognes, and even lingering smoke can ruin wine tasting. Your sense of smell is a huge part of your sense of taste. Try holding your nose and tasting your favorite Cabernet Franc, and you’ll discover that all nuances are gone. Plus, even before you taste, you should be taking in the aromas of the wine. Sometimes, the “nose” of the wine is sensational, and smelling it in your glass offers the same kind of pleasure as inhaling the fragrance of a bouquet of flowers. Remember, if the answer to “What is that smell?” is you, then you’re screwing up the tasting for other people, too.

Eat beforehand, and hydrate constantly. Sampling 20 or 30 wines on an empty stomach will intoxicate you to the point where you’re no longer able to really taste the wines, and where you’re just plain sloppy. And alcohol tends to dehydrate, which accelerates intoxication and enhances hangovers. So, eat a big breakfast with plenty of protein, begin quaffing water before you get to the first winery, and then continue hydrating throughout the day. Click more here

Join other wine lovers and your host for a day exploring some of Temecula’s best wineries. A different combination of wineries are selected according to time of year and events happening, so you can be sure of a variety and streamlined experience. Enjoy a delectable picnic lunch at one vineyard, and go behind the scenes at another.