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Property and Casualty Insurance Expertise and Experience 97%
Financial Services Customer Service Expertise and Experience 98%
CEO/Owner/Operator Insurance Brokerage Company Experience 99%

Scott Becker, Founder & CEO of SGB Insurance Services, Inc.Hello, I’m Scott Becker,

I appreciate you taking a few moments to learn a little bit about our agents and staff. Here is a little bit about me.

Family Man
I was married to my beautiful wife Sarina in 1992 and we are the proud parents of 3 children.

We have a 24 year old son James and 2 daughters, Sashell 22 and Breanna 17.

All three of our children attended Elsinore High School. They were all active in sports; Hockey, Basketball, Tennis and Volleyball.

Family Interests and Outreach
Our family loves sports, music, and horses. My wife, Sarina provides an outreach program to underprivileged youth at our ranch that uses horses as therapy.

My Path to Insurance Broker
I Started out in the insurance business as a mail room clerk at American States Insurance Company (ASIC) in Carol Stream Illinois in 1981. I was promoted to underwriter in 1981 and hired out to an insurance agency that was looking for someone with a company background and computer knowledge to train their employees.

I eventually obtained my insurance license in 1982 at Hinsdale Associates. I was employed with Hinsdalde until 1984.

Military Service
Then I decided it was time to see the world and serve my country; so I enlisted in the Marine Corps where I was stationed in Camp Pendleton California, and Okinawa Japan. My duties and training included, Squad leader, Expert Rifleman, Anti Tank Gunner, Demolitions Expert, Mountain Warfare Assault Climber, Water Safety Survival Instructor, and Lifeguard. After 4 years in the Marines, I was honorably discharged in 1989.

I think what I learned in the Marine Corps that has always helped me in my insurance career is how to develop a team sense of a logical and orderly thought processes toward any mission by practicing sensible estimates of the situation and then taking timely, decisive actions to reach the teams objective.

After my discharge from the Marine Corps I decided to stay in California and pursue a career in the insurance business. Interestingly, I ended up back in the insurance business because there wasn’t much need for an infantry soldier with my background in the civilian world, with the exception of becoming a police officer, but that was not appealing to me at the time. However I saw in the insurance industry an opportunity to build a team of like minded individuals with the same sense of mission to be of service to others with the objective of helping as many people as possible to lead safer and more well protected lives.

Founded SGB
I opened our first office in Tustin in November 1989. My goal has always been to provide my customers with the best coverage, through quality service and providing the lowest prices possible with the the largest number of options available in southern California. Having reached that goal, I really get a “charge” when I can put money back into my clients pockets, and provide them with better coverage than they had previously. Now over 20 years later, with a team like ours representing and shopping over 50 of the top companies in the industry for cost effective solutions for our clients Insurance needs, that is not hard to do and therefore makes our job fun and our clients happy.

Our Mission Continues
After we have reached our initial objective for our clients, our mission continues by making sure all of our client’s have the kind of ongoing service that provides the flexibility to adjust their coverage as their needs may grow or change.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to learn a little more about myself and SGB Insurance Services. I invite you to take a look around our website and take advantage of the knowledge provided in our safety articles as well an information we find interesting and helpful about Murrieta and surrounding communities.

Here’s hoping you are enjoying a safe, productive and prosperous day,

Scott Becker SGB Insurance Services, Inc.

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