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    Chad Gorman at SGB Insurance, Inc.

    Hello again,

    I want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to send our CEO your Customer Satisfaction Review on the quality of service I’ve provided for you.

    I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself and why you may want to consider my services as an Insurance Agent again, should the need arise.

    Here’s a little bit about me:

    I have been married to the same lovely lady for over 28 years. We were fortunate enough to have children, a boy and a girl, both over 23 years of age now.

    My daughter wrestled to CIF on the boys wrestling team for Great Oak High School for 2 years. Before that she was a Cheerleader. She was also a Venture Scout and helped me run BSA Snow camps/Klondikes at Camp Helendade and Camp Emerson for many years.

    My son has been playing classical guitar since elementary school. At 5 years old I agreed to be a Cubmaster and he joined Cub Scouts. He progressed to Eagle while I progressed to Scoutmaster. I also coached both kids in Soccer, AYSO and SWSC from U-5 to U-14, coaching both a Boys team and a Girls team then a co-ed team in the fall.

    My Sports Activities and Favorite Teams

    I played on the Adult softball league in OC, obtaining sponsorship from KNAC, we were “The Pure Rockers”, and winning the title two years in a row.

    I am a California Master Angler and spent many years teaching inner city kids the joys of fishing and the outdoors. Usually we took 50-100 of them on day trips to stocked ponds but occasionally to weekend camp outs at Lake Silverwoods when my wife and kids would join me.

    This program, Fishing in the City was one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. That and Wounded Warriors Fishing, Scoutmaster and Soccer coach tie for top spot.

    Hobby Activities

    I am an avid kayak-er, fisherman, hunter, small boat sailor and scuba diver, those are my outdoor passions and my wife and I travel the world to enjoy them during our battery recharging excursions. I can no longer fly down a double diamond run and have had to tone it down a bit but we still have a great time exploring the world. Read More…

    You can contact Chad Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm at the office at (951) 363-2886