Easter Egg Hunt Murrieta Kids CAN Have Practicing Physical Distancing

Actually Kids from All Over the Country Can Play

AND YES – the Easter Eggs ARE Square in this Game. But tell your kids they’re like Lego pieces. They will relate to that. It sure looks like fun with no crowds of kids potentially shedding and spreading COVID-19. See the Video Below. (Nice MELLOW Background Music to calm your most rowdy players.)

A Couple of Ideas to Make it More Fun In the Real World:

  1. Have real colored Easter Eggs ready to drop in your child(s) Easter Basket whenever they find a virtual egg in the game.
  2. Make a BIG Deal out of every egg they find. Especially for your younger kids.
  3. Of course, if they find the GOLDEN Egg, then it’s time to give up the BIG CHOCOLATE EASTER BUNNY.

You can sign up for the game at https://mc.livingcomputers.org/<(Scroll Down.)

Join in for a special Easter Egg Hunt!

Brought to you by MoPOP, FHCAM and Living Computers

We have modified our Java server: mc.livingcomputers.org to host a special Easter Egg hunt.  Be sure your player is registered with our server above to participate!

  • The HUNT begins at 10am and 1pm Pacific Time on Saturday April 11th, 2020
  • The HUNT will last 1 hour
  • Players collect Spawn Eggs stored in randomly placed chests
  • The world is limited in size to 200 x 200 blocks so you can find the most eggs
  • Make a screenshot of your player on the server with your inventory up and send to info@livingcomputers.org
  • The players with highest number of Spawn Eggs will win a prize gifted in our regular Java Minecraft World
  • A special HIDDEN prize of 64 blocks of Diamonds are hidden .. can you find them?
  • If more than 25 players register their names above, we will host additional HUNTs throughout the Day

I hope LivingComputers.com’s Servers will keep up with the demand. I guess we’ll find out this Saturday, April 21st.

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Check out this Video of the Virtual Easter Egg Hunt Game in Action:

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