Homeowners Insurance for Murrieta/Menifee Residents will NOT Cover What is NOT Inventoried – You Could Lose Thousands

Home inventory | If your home was destroyed in a fire or tornado, would you remember every possession you had in it? It’s not very likely. That’s why it’s a good idea to take an inventory of your possessions now. When it comes to procuring insurance for your home, the policy is just one piece of the puzzle.

Creating an inventory of every item under your roof is just as important as the policy itself. A home inventory can help you keep track of your personal goods to facilitate making a claim and getting reimbursed for your loss. By making a home inventory as soon as possible after moving into your new home, you can protect your assets against any eventuality.

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Preliminaries: Why You Should Create A Home Inventory And How To Do It Quickly And Easily

First, if you aren’t convinced that you need to create one, please read why you need to create a home inventory.

Why would anyone take the time and energy to make a home inventory when there are lots of better things to do, like watching paint dry?

A home inventory is some type of documentation of the items that you and your family own in and around your home. It can consist of written documents, video, photos, or a combination of all three.

But why would you want to make a home inventory?

Another reason to create a household inventory is to help you deal with the insurance company without losing your mind.

Insure Personal Electronics

You Do Want to Get Paid to Replace EVERYTHING – RIGHT?

It’s like the Restoration Contractor, Rich Connette in the video above says, (Paraphrasing here) “If you can’t prove you owned it, the insurance company won’t pay for it.”

So, creating a home inventory, especially one with photos and video, and copies of receipts can really save you lots of headaches and heartbreak at a time when your family is already emotionally vulnerable and heartbroken from whatever disaster is requiring you to file an insurance claim.

Showing an insurance adjuster pictures of your television set puts his or her mind at ease that you, in fact, had a television set that you should get compensated for because it was stolen or destroyed.

Get Model Number and Serial Number

Get Up Close and Personal with Serial and Model Numbers

By the way, insurance companies love receipts and act incredulous that you did not save the receipt for the underwear you bought two years ago and further are incredulous that you are unable to produce said receipt even though your entire house and all its contents burned down.

Can you tell that I get frustrated with insurance companies? OK then, I will stop my rant about them, because they do serve a positive purpose.

After you are convinced you should make one, next you should read how to create a home inventory quickly and easily.

So, once you know how to do it, and also why you should, what resources are there to help you create your home inventory?

A Free Home Inventory Software APP For SGB Clients

vinyl record collection

Collectibles Should be Cataloged Separately

SGB Insurance provides clients a free download of Home Inventory APP called “Insurance Agent” that does far more than just allow you to document all your household items.

Once you download our “Insurance Agent” APP, the user guide walks you through adding rooms and items to the inventory.

There are some nice features, such as being able to add digital photos of your possessions, along with copies of important documents, like receipts, appraisals, the number of items, and the make/model/serial number.

It also allows you to put a replacement value down, but I suggest skipping this step if you don’t have receipts because the insurance company will not accept your number anyway, but uses its own method for calculation of the replacement value.

The options the program says it has available are to print out the home inventory or have it stored electronically on a cloud or save it as a PDF and share it with insurance agent.

I hope you enjoy exploring SGB’s “Insurance Agent” APP. If nothing else, looking at this free home inventory software will give you a good idea of what insurance companies are looking for in case you ever need to file an insurance claim.

Commercially Available Household Inventory Software

If you don’t want to use a free program, because you didn’t like this one or you feel more comfortable with something you purchase below are some possibilities to choose from.

Update your insurance coverage if necessary.

A Yearly or Bi-Annual Policy Review is one of the Most Responsible Things You can Do – Your insurance policy has a limit on how much of your personal property it will cover. If you find that the contents of your home are particularly valuable, you may want to increase your coverage so that you are protected in the event of a theft or fire. A home inventory is a very inexpensive and easy way to save you a headache and precious time, so do yourself a favor and start one today. 

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