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Insurance Murrieta Residents and Business Owners by the thousands have come to depend on the Independent Insurance Agents of SGB Insurance Services, Inc. for all of their insurance needs.

While SGB Insurance represents 100+ Insurance Companies to quote you from for several different type of Insurance Coverage, this page is a list of the more recognized companies in the most common types of Insurance:

Auto Insurance Quotes Murrieta

Murrieta CA Auto Insurance
for Individual Vehicle and Commercial Vehicle Owners

SGB Insurance Services Inc. of Murrieta, CA. understands many new and younger vehicle owners assume that auto insurance is a one-size-fits all policy.

Budget Shopping Insurance in Murrieta

SGB Can Be Your Professional Insurance Shopper. We Shop – You SAVE!

However, additional factors like your age, location, vehicle, vehicle age, education, average daily mileage and even credit history can also play a role in how much your auto insurance will cost.

In California auto insurance is required of course, laws require minimum amounts of coverage in specific categories and types of coverage.

Shopping for Any Type of Insurance can be Complicated, Tedious, and Time Consuming

Here at SGB, we also understand that shopping for car insurance can be time consuming, tedious and boring.

That’s why SGB Insurance has made it easier for many California drivers to save money on car insurance by providing information on coverage options and premiums offered by several top-rated companies.

Auto Insurance Companies Nationally Recognized and Represented by SGB Insurance Services, Inc. of Murrieta, CA

Nationwide IS On Your SideNationwide Auto Insurance Agents at SGB for Murrieta

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Nationwide automobile insurance coverage can protect you financially for crashes/traffic-accidents including other cars, criminal damage, weather condition, pets, physical injuries and even more.

As a Nationwide participant, you can choose the insurance protection you get because our policies are personalized. You can pick the automobile insurance coverage that suit your lifestyle.

You can have satisfaction understanding Nationwide will certainly give you as well as your vehicle with excellent protection when traveling.

Progressive the number one auto insurerProgressive Auto Insurance from SGB’s Independent Agents for Murrieta

Over 20 million vehicle drivers across the country count on Progressive for their vehicle insurance coverage.

Why? It could be the wide range of financial savings they provide. Or it could be that SGB can give our policy holders a quote in just a couple of minutes through our Progressive quote system.

Whatever it is you’re seeking in an automobile insurance carrier, Progressive can get you covered. Discover more concerning our discounts, protections, and a lot more. Obtain an auto insurance quote as well as see financial savings in just a few minutes.

Household Name Homeowner Insurance Companies Represented by SGB Insurance

Liberty Mutual Agents Homeowner InsuranceLiberty Mutual Insurance for Home and Auto Insurance

Locating the ideal homeowner’s insurance coverage implies discovering a custom plan at the best value for you. Here are some of our available discounts. Ask your SGB Home Insurance Expert about the remaining discounts available from Liberty Mutual.

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  • Claims-Free Discount: You’ll save on your policy if you have not filed a claim with your previous insurance carrier for five years or more. Footnote  1 
  • Safe Homeowner Program: You don’t need to be a new customer to be rewarded for being a responsible homeowner. If your policy remains claims-free with us for three years, you could save on your premium. Footnote 2
  • Early Shopper Discount: Wow! This is a good one. Quote with us before your current policy expires and you could save when you sign with us. Footnote 3

Ask your SGB Insurance Agent about additional discounts you may qualify for like Liberty’s: Multi-policy Discount, Insured to Value Discount, Preferred Payment Discount, and the Paperless Policy Discount. They will have all the answers for you.

Mercury Insurance Agents MurrietaAlso, Mercury Insurance for Home and Auto Insurance is an SGB Favored Carrier

At SGB we understand just how crucial your house is to you as well as we want to assist you make sure it’s shielded. A Mercury Insurance policy for your house does not simply safeguard your house and property, it additionally protects you, your guests as well as your personal belongings. With a side selection of property owners coverage options, you can put your mind at ease, understanding your home and also those who live with you and are covered when you insure with Mercury.

Working with a Expert Homeowner Agent is important when you have so many coverage choices and options. Here are a few that we can provide through Mercury:

  • Dwelling Protection:
    Covers damage to your home due to fire, lightening, smoke, storm damage or other similar perils.
  • Personal Property:
    Provides coverage for your household items in the event of a fire, theft or other covered loss.
  • Extended Replacement Cost:
    Provides additional coverage up to 150% of the dwelling’s policy limits to rebuild your home in the event you suffer a covered loss.
  • Additional Living Expenses:
    Provides coverage for living expenses if your home becomes uninhabitable as a result of a covered loss.

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You’ve Heard of these Health Insurance Companies Represented by SGB Insurance

Blue Cross Blue Shield MurrietaPicking the right health insurance for you and also for your family is an important decision. We recognize, as well as it’s our desire for you to feel confident in your knowing your all your options. Let us help you discover the health insurance strategy that’s right for you, the first time.


Sometimes talking over the phone is easier. We’re here to listen to your questions and help you with the RIGHT answers!

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Kaiser Permanente Insurance Agents MurrietaWhy Kaiser Permanente | Everyone deserves a chance to thrive. That’s why we made it our mission to bring good health to more people in more places.

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It’s why we innovate and advocate for new ways to expand access to care, improve community health, and address the root causes of health disparities. It’s why we stand for total health for all.

Working together to keep you well

It’s not your job to keep track of your preventive care schedule. It’s ours. Need a specialist? We’ll connect you — and they’ll have your health records in hand. Your doctor, specialists, and health plan all work together to get things done faster, easier, and better. And they do it for one very important cause. You.Everyone wants a great doctor, but what if you could have a team of great doctors? A team that includes specialists, hospitals, and your health plan — all working together to support your total health. When care and coverage are connected, it’s easier to get high-quality care that’s built around what matters most — you.

Life Insurance Murrieta SGB

Life Insurance Murrieta CA

Some Life Insurance Companies Represented by SGB Insurance

MetLife Insurance Agents MetLife Agents with SGB Murrieta

Our Agents Can Walk You Through All Of MetLife’s Policy Features.

With a MetLife Policy, They will Help You and Your Loved Ones Through Difficult Times.

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Here are just a few of their available policy features:
  • Grief Counseling:9 Accessing professional support in a time of need. Meet in-person or by phone with a licensed counselor to help cope with a loss or major life change. Not available in NY.
  • Funeral Assistance:9 Honoring a loved one’s life. Work with compassionate counselors that assist with customizing funeral arrangements with personalized one-on-one service.
  • Beneficiary Claim Assistance:5 Making the claims process easy. Your beneficiaries get guidance from experts as they work through their options and financial needs with our Delivering The Promise services.
  • Estate Resolution Services:10 Settling an estate with confidence. With unlimited consultations, either in person with an attorney or by phone, including court representations, you can feel confident you’ve made the right decisions.
  • Life Settlement Account:11 Reducing the pressure of immediate financial decisions. Your beneficiaries can take their time to make the right decision with a flexible settlement option that gives full access to policy funds while earning a guaranteed minimum interest rate.

There’s more where these came from … SO …

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The Hartford Insurance Company Murriets SGB Insurance

Hartford Life Insurance

The Hartford Life Insurance Company is part of The Hartford Financial Services Group, which was established in 1810. As a whole, the company is one of the world’s largest insurance and investment companies. The company has international operations in Japan, Brazil, The UK, Canada and Ireland. The Hartford Life Insurance subsidiary is a provider of life insurance products, in addition to investment products, annuities, mutual funds, and college savings plans. It is usually referred to as “The Hartford.”

The current chairman and CEO is Christopher J. Swift.

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The company is headquartered in Hartford, CT.

According To the Company

Well known for its Elk Logo, The Hartford Life Insurance Company provides 10, 15, 20 and 30-year term life insurance policies. In addition to Term Life, like many life insurance companies, The Hartford also provides a variety of Permanent Life insurance products to individuals and businesses.

Those interested in life insurance from a company like The Hartford should know that the death benefits of life insurance offer not only piece of mind – but a life insurance policy can be a key component of a plan for your financial future. Life insurance offers income protection as well as estate liquidity to protect assets and cover often-substantial estate taxes.

No matter your life circumstances, or whether you are considering Term or Permanent Life insurance from The Hartford – the earlier you purchase your life insurance policy – the better off you will be. If you feel you are in the market only for Term Life insurance, the younger and healthier you are – the cheaper your rate will be. If you are interested in the cash value aspects of a Whole Life insurance option, again the younger you are – the more time you will have to accumulate the greatest benefit.

The Hartford Life Insurance Company offers:

  • Term Life Insurance
  • Whole Life Insurance
  • Universal Life Insurances
  • Variable Life Insurance

Business and Business Specialty Insurance Companies Represented by SGB Insurance Services, Inc. of Murrieta, CA

Protecting Murrieta Small Business

Murreita Independent Insurance AgentsMurrieta Small Business Insurance

Obviously, you know one of the first steps in purchasing small business insurance is to contact a licensed independent insurance broker-agent who specializes in small/medium business and commercial coverages, or you wouldn’t be here.

Affordable business insurance is available at SGB Insurance. I’m sure you’re thinking “Affordable” as compared to WHAT? That is where SGB Shines. With over 100 conventional and specialty insurance companies represented, SGB is positioned better than any agency in Murrieta to do the HARD WORK, As Compared to WHAT” Insurance Comparison Shopping for you.

SGB’s  Business Insurance Offerings for You:

  • General liability
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  • Commercial auto
  • Business owners policy (BOP)
  • Professional liability
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Employment practices liability insurance (EPLI)
  • … AND … More

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Contractors and Commercial Business Insurance Companies Represented by SGB Insurance Services, Inc. of Murrieta, CA

Murrieta Commercial Insurance from SGB Insurance

Commercial Insurance Murrieta Businesses Need Backed By Superior Service

Whether you are contemplating starting a new business, are a new business owner, or have owned a business for many years, commercial insurance can be one of the most important ongoing financial investments you make in the life of your company.

Commercial insurance is a special type of insurance that protects businesses from financial loss due to unforeseen circumstances.

Commercial insurance is typically a one-year contract that agrees to assume your business liabilities for a negotiated amount of money at the beginning of a policy term.

SGB’s independent agents have years of experience helping business owners obtain commercial insurance that fits their unique requirements.

Our Commercial Insurance Specialist combined, Judy Betts, Lia and Scott Becker have over 90 years experience in the Commercial Insurance field.

Types of Coverage Include:

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