Life insurance is about getting more out of life. There’s no substitute for life insurance when it comes to protecting your loved ones. If you can’t be there, we can. But you can also use life insurance to build lasting assets. The choices in life insurance policies can seem bewildering, and they are difficult to understand at first glance.

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It’s hard to know exactly where to start. You should start with a deceptively easy-sounding question: Do you need life insurance at all? Your detailed answer to that question can help you decide what type of life insurance to purchase, assuming you decide you do need it. If you decide you need life insurance, then your next step is to learn about the different types of life insurance and to make sure you’re buying the right type of policy.

Life Insurance Awareness

Life Insurance PolicyLife insurance is not a topic that is not always easy to handle. Even though Life insurance isn’t something anyone wants to deal with, it is something that everyone should consider. Life is very unpredictable and it is smart to have the right amount of coverage to protect your future and family in the case the unexpected does happen.

Here is why it is smart to have Life insurance…

  1. Transfer wealth to the family– Not only can you leave your money and assets with your family, but you may also leave your life insurance policy as part of your estate.
  2. Income replacement– In the case of death, your life insurance policy can step in to pay the remaining bills when income stops.
  3. Pays final expenses– The death of a loved one is difficult. By having life insurance, some of the worries will be lifted since your insurance will pay for funeral costs, pay estate taxes, and protect your mortgage so your family will not lose your home. Life insurance will also step in to take care of student loans, to ensure they are paid even if you aren’t there to help.
  4. Take advantage of a low premium- As people age, the premiums for life insurance increase. The best time to buy is today to lock in the lowest premium possible.
  5. Needs change too- As people age, their needs change as well. You should look for a type of policy and premium to suit your life circumstances.
  6. Is employer insurance enough- employers insurance is not always enough, check with your life insurance agent to see if you have enough coverage to cover your family’s insurance needs.

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