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. . . and Why Not?

Health Insurance Quotes, for security’s sake, should be handled over the phone where your personal and other sensitive information can’t be intercepted in transit from your computer to the vendor’s server. 

Most of the Health Insurance Quote Auto-Bot Systems will NOT generate a quote from ANY insurance company. Instead, you will get hundreds of phone calls from desperate insurance agents trying to high-pressure sales pitch tactics on you as to why their policy is the best.

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    Health Insurance Quotes Online for Murrieta – Temecula

    Automated Online Health Insurance Quotes Sites (The other Guys) Have Some Upsides but Plenty of Downsides

    Automated Online Insurance Quotes – The Upsides:

    • Convenient? (Maybe…)
    • Saves Time? (Not Really…)
    • Quotes Delivered Instantly On Screen or by email (Some do, some don’t, some won’t…)

    Automated Online Insurance Quotes – The Downsides:

    • Promise Not to Sell Your Data!  … but they do, and will multiple times.
    • 25 to 50+ Required Form Fields to Fill! … with VERY Personal and Sensitive Information!
    • Many Say In Their Privacy Policy… you will be getting calls from at least 8 different agents.

    Health Insurance Quotes Bot Privacy Policy (If they have one at all):

    Information We Collect And How We Use It

    What do we collect and how do we use it? By clicking “Get My Quotes” you expressly authorize up to eight insurance companies or their agents or partner companies to contact you at the number and address provided with insurance quotes or to obtain additional information for such purpose, via live, prerecorded or autodialed calls, text messages or email. You understand that your signature is not a condition of purchasing any property, goods or services and that you may revoke your consent at any time. You understand that the insurance companies or their agents or partner companies may confirm your information through the use of a consumer report, which may include your credit score and driving record. (Source: CLICK HERE) is just one site for examples sake. There are 100’s of similar sites online.

    Want more proof? Just check some sites like Consumer Affairs or Web Of Trust (WOT)

    … OR … Learn about Individual and Family Health Insurance