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4 Ideas Below To Help With a Safe Covid Christmas Family Gathering and  Dinner

Aren’t we all ready to start spending quality time with our families and friends again — especially with the Christmas right around the corner.

AGB happy HolidaysBreakthrough infection variants are possible, though rare in California. So you’ll need to continue to be cautious about gathering in very large groups, in indoor public settings.

Below You will Find 4 Ideas to Help Your Family Have a Safer, Happier,Healthier Covid Christmas

If you are planning to gather with your family this holiday season, here’s what you need to know about making the event as safe as possible.

1.Know how to travel safely

If gathering with your family also means traveling, be sure you’re taking steps to stay safe while traveling during COVID-19.

Wearing a mask is always required while using public transportation, including planes, buses and trains. But it’s also the safe choice to wear a mask while in any public setting, especially if community transmission is high in the area.

If you’re unvaccinated, the CDC still recommends delaying travel until you are fully vaccinated.

You should also delay traveling to see your family if you:

  • Are sick with COVID-19-like symptoms
  • Have tested positive for COVID-19 and are isolating
  • Have recently come into close contact with someone who has COVID-19
  • 2.Take steps to protect  family members with weakened immune systems

   3.There may still be times when you should opt to gather outdoors, especially in southern California where we have mile to warm holiday seasons. Wear a mask and social distance as recommended.

Gathering indoors is still risky for people who aren’t vaccinated.  This is also the safer option for families with kids who aren’t yet eligible for vaccination or aren’t quite fully vaccinated just yet. And keep in mind, if you have a family member who is unvaccinated, digital tools can help you safely gather with them virtually.

For families that are fully vaccinated, a small indoor gathering at home is fairly low risk — although you may still choose to wear masks indoors or move outdoors if you’re gathering with loved ones with weakened immune systems. If you’re gathering with your vaccinated family members in an indoor public setting, you should still wear a mask.

In general, be sure everyone attending the gathering is comfortable with your Covid setup.

     4. How about a Buffet Style Family Christmas Dinner BEST IDEA:

Everybody walks through the buffet line one at a time to maintain social distance. And in stead of setting at a cramped dining room table which is not conducive to social distancing, everybody eats on TV trays in your family room or living room watching your favorite Christmas movie. This allows for social distancing with the family still together in one room enjoying Christmas dinner together and everybody’s favorite Christmas movie.

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