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Disaster Preparedness for Your Family, Yourself and Your Home | If You Live in Murrieta, Menifee, Perris, Canyon Lake, Temecula or anywhere in the areas surrounding Lake Elsinore where the “Holy Fire” (Ironic Name), the thought; “I hope the wind doesn’t Shift” was on a lot of people’s minds.

We’ll Never Forget the Lake Elsinore Wild Fires

Emergency preparedness for disasters is the key to ensuring that every member of your family makes it safely through large-scale emergencies such as wildfires, floods, and earthquakes.

Yeah, Yeah, I’ll Get Around to It

Studies have shown disaster preparedness is seen as a pursuit to put off because it’s less impactful on our psyche than the demands of day to day life.

Unfortunately, disaster preparedness does not garner much attention from the media. And our government does hardly anything in the way of ongoing disaster or emergency preparedness. We don’t even see those “Smokey the Bear” Public Service Announcements anymore. But this is of such crucial importance to reduce the number of victims of natural disaster that regularly affect the people of this country.

Wild Fire Disaster Preparedness
Do you Even have Your GO BAG Prepared?

Only about 6% of the population have even something as simple as a Go-Bag put together in case of Emergency, Natural Disaster, or Catastrophe. “A complete, full-blown disaster/emergency survival kit? I simply don’t know when I’d find the time.” (Even though it could very well save your life or one of your family members?)

Have a Look at How Simple it would be to put a Go-Bag Together

Disaster Preparedness Can Save Lives
Disasters are Sad, Depressing, and Extremely Stressful

Emergency preparedness for Disaster does not make a person immune to the stress and shock that may come with sudden destruction; however, it does make it a lot easier to cope with the challenges that result from the disaster.

Disaster Preparedness Murrieta, Temecula, Corona, Menifee, Lake Elsinore

At Least She Is Still Alive! People Making it Through this Kind of Devastation though – Doesn’t Usually Happen from just Being Lucky, but Can Happen because of Disaster Planning. 

Another Point Of View (POV)

The Preparedness Message Isn’t Reaching the Public

Everyone agrees that citizen preparedness isn’t what it should be. How can the issue be fixed

Americans have a false sense of security when it comes to disasters, and should they become victims, most haven’t taken steps to help themselves during the first few days after one strikes. Experts say either the preparedness message isn’t getting across, or the wrong message is being sent.

In a recent survey conducted by the Ad Council, 17 percent of respondents said they were very prepared for an emergency situation, which means they have a kit and a plan to sustain themselves during the first few days of a disaster. In the same survey, however, just 23 percent of respondents said they have a plan to communicate with family members if there is no cellphone service.

But this figure is considered inflated by some who say the percentage of prepared citizens is dreadful. “Oftentimes you’ll get a survey saying 6 percent of the public is prepared,” said Ana-Marie Jones, executive director of the nonprofit organization Collaborating Agencies Responding to Disasters (CARD). “That’s nothing to write home about if you consider 4 percent of the population is Mormon and they prepare without being told to do so by the U.S. government.”

Jones said the methods for reaching the public leave a lot to be desired. “No private company would invest billions of dollars putting a message out that had such dismal returns,” she said. “You just would never do it.”

Jones took part in an event this summer, called Awareness to Action: A Workshop on Motivating the Public to Prepare, hosted by FEMA and the American Red Cross. The two-day event invited 85 preparedness experts from across the country to discuss how to engage the public with preparedness. Jones said the majority of attendees agreed that the message is flawed.

“The highlight of the two days was [FEMA Administrator] Craig Fugate coming to the meeting and being honest in saying we have to acknowledge that we haven’t moved the preparedness needle,” Jones said. “When the highest person in FEMA acknowledges that it has not been a success, it gives me hope.”


The message is to have a kit, be aware of potential emergencies and have a family plan. The problem is that it’s generally based on fear, according to some emergency management professionals. But to some, being prepared takes a backseat because they’ve never experienced a catastrophe. Also making sure your Home Owner Insurance is up to par. Read More…

In the meantime, check with your local Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)


You can Make Time or You can Make Excuses

How important are the lives of your loved ones and your own life?

Excuses are NOT Reasons – Can you think of a REASON to put off preparing and planning for a disaster? I don’t think so.

It the next blog article post in this series, we will discuss planning.

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