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Commercial Real Estate Insurance | Regardless of whether you rent your commercial property to lessees (that can consist of rental houses and apartment or condo units, offices or retail store shops in a shopping center) or you run a small business out of the building, you plan to safeguard your assets and company should misfortune strike.

You have devoted a lot of quality time and money in developing your business so you need commercial real estate coverage that can help you withstand any storm – whether it comes from mother nature or it’s of the man-made variety. You may think Commercial Umbrella Insurance also covers your Commercial Real Estate Property.

I Already Have Commercial Umbrella Insurance; Do I Need Commercial Property Insurance Too?

Commercial real estate insurance shields you from losses due to damage to commercial property assets. Many commercial properties are at risk to the same damages as every other building– fire, flood, criminal damage, and even being struck by an automobile that goes out of control. Many of these complications are something that can not be logically avoided, making them qualified for policy coverage that can help restore the building or enable your company to relocate to a new site.

Real Estate Insurance Features for Commercial Property

As the business owner of a company, you understand how tough it is to run a smooth operation. The very last thing you want is a catastrophe that wrecks your work space so much that you can no longer sustain operating. Commercial real estate insurance makes the dilemma a problem you can manage. Before you begin looking around, though, here are some things to consider:

  • The primary thing you need to do is analyze the company’s physical assets. This consists of your building, any paper documents, stock, office equipment, signs situated outdoors, and almost anything else that makes it as a physical asset.
  • You may not want to ensure every little thing your business owns. If you think something is not worth insuring, eliminating it from your policy could possibly lower your monthly premiums and make it a lot easier to insure what truly matters.
  • Most insurance policies cover both the replacement cost (RC) or the actual cash value (ACV) of the covered items. Policies that include replacement cost are more costly but allow for total replacement without computing any devaluation. Actual cash value insurance policies take into consideration the loss of value with time, and factor this variation into any claims on the policy

If you’re uncertain which policy choices make one of the most sense for your business, ask one of our brokers for more details and they’ll help you make a decision.

If your company does work under contract you may need a Surety Bond…

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