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    Mistakes to Avoid when Shopping for Business/Commercial Insurance

    Some of the biggest mistakes to avoid when buying business or commercial insurance are:

    • Not budgeting appropriately for the costs

    • Assuming personal insurance will cover business risks

    • Leaving gaps in your coverage

    • Not consulting with a professional

    If you have a lower risk business, assume you’ll need to spend approximately 20 to 30 percent of gross income on business insurance.1 Depending on the specific risk factors facing your business, you may need more. So keep this in mind as a minimum requirement when budgeting insurance costs. Businesses with more and higher risk factors, such as those that operate in financial consulting or manual labor industries should expect to pay a higher percentage of gross income for business insurance.

    It’s also important that you not make the mistake of relying on personal insurance to cover business risks. Your personal auto and property insurance are not designed to cover business claims. Even if you are working out of your home, you will need to adjust your insurance to cover business property and business general liability claims. For example, assume you ran a business from home and a client stopped by to discuss a project. If the client gets injured while in your home and makes a claim, your personal property insurance might not cover this claim because the damage was business related.

    According to the Hartford when shopping for business insurance consider if there are gaps in your coverage. If your business has a storefront, then you will most likely need general liability insurance. This can help cover your business if for example, somebody slips and falls in your store and makes a claim against you. But if your business handles online payments and customer data, you might also need data breach insurance. This can help cover your business in the event that a data breach exposes sensitive customer, employee or vendor information. It’s difficult to fill the gaps in your coverage if you are not aware of all the likely threats to your particular business.

    That’s why you doing the proper research and consulting with an experienced small business or commercial insurance professional is advisable. Larger businesses and corporations often have risk management professionals with the expertise to determine what insurance coverage’s are needed to protect their enterprises. For a small business, an experienced business consultant or insurance agent can be a valuable asset.

    A good insurance agent or consultant will spend time learning about your business, its risks, its growth plan, and your budget. She will incorporate this information into a recommendation for an insurance solution designed specifically to help protect your business and fit within your budget.

    This … All according the “The Hartford” one of our Go To insurance carriers. 

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