What Is Comprehensive Auto Insurance Coverage?

Comprehensive coverage insurance is a primary car insurance policy that prepares for the unpredictable by protecting against damages besides a collision with another vehicle. It is normally purchased alongside liability insurance, which is needed with most states to operate a vehicle lawfully, and collision insurance, which solely applies to a collision involving another automobile.

Steering clear of car or truck collisions is one way to remain safe in your car, but what about accidents besides those involving a different car or truck? Comprehensive insurance can provide you with an additional degree of coverage against these kinds of accidents.

What does comprehensive auto insurance cover?

Comprehensive auto insurance coverage is a kind of car or truck insurance coverage that pays for damages covered events besides a collision with another vehicle — for example, vandalism or hail storm damages. Without comprehensive insurance, you might have to pay to fix these type of damages to your vehicle, which can exceed the price of your policy. Find out more regarding the difference between comprehensive and collision coverages.

A comprehensive coverage auto insurance policy might consist of coverage for:

  • A cracked or broken windshield, depending on the state where you live.
  • Damages from hitting a deer or other animal.
  • Car theft insurance in the event your vehicle is stolen or damaged by covered car vandalism.
  • Damages caused by some events beyond human control, such as hail or other natural disasters.
  • Damage caused by certain falling objects, such as tree branches or debris.
  • Damages resulting from fires, civil commotions, or explosions.

A standard auto policy will not cover vintage or collector vehicles.

If you own a classic car, learn more about what SGB can offer in classic car insurance.

Add endorsements to your comprehensive auto insurance for even more protection.

It’s easy to customize your comprehensive insurance policy with a variety of endorsements, all designed to make your life easier, such as:

  • Accident Forgiveness
  • Towing and Labor
  • Rental Reimbursement
  • Roadside Assistance

Adjust your comprehensive coverage policy to fit your needs.

Some insurance policies will insure your automobile for its true cash market value instead of for the replacement cost. That shows the current value of the car or truck, not what you paid for it. In a number of states, you can buy additional coverage, like gap coverage, new car replacement insurance coverage or vehicle value upgrade. These coverages offer added protection for newer vehicles.

You have more choices when deciding on your comprehensive insurance deductible amount, which is the amount of money you pay for before insurance begins. To decrease your comprehensive auto insurance premium, you can select to have a higher deductible, such as $1,000. Having said that, you need to ensure that you can pay that amount expense if you need to file a claim.

A reduced deductible might increase your premium, but it will pay for more of your costs in the event of a covered accident. Comprehensive coverage starts here, call today — we serve all of Riverside County, including our neighbors in Temecula, Murrieta, Menifee, Wildomar, Corona, Fallbrook, Lake Elsinore, Canyon Lake, and San Marcos.

Comprehensive Auto Insurance however, does not cover mechanical breakdowns

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